Piano Tuning

Preservation of Pianos and Grand Pianos

Tuning / Intonation / Regulation


The residual value of an instrument ( piano / grand piano ) is highly dependent on its

maintenance. Regular maintenance by a qualified technician improves their quality. The durability also depends on a good, competent maintenance .

Here the interplay of the three elements tuning – regulation – intonation is of particular importance, because tuning does not only adjust the individual notes to the correct height and stabilize them. Rather, it also affects the timbre of the instrument and the sound character, the pitch and sense of playing.

The regulating mechanism not only ensures that the player reaches his optimal technique, but by using certain materials and changing the regulation degrees, the timbre, sound character and sense of playing are improved.

The sense of playing is also changed by the intonation, so that the three elements tuning – regulation – intonation always belong together. They can also be individually adapted to the playing style or the type of music being played (such as jazz or classical) according to the customers’ needs.

The cost for a tuning is on average 100€ net within Berlin.

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